Is Almond Milk Vegan?

Almond milk has become one of our favorite replacements for regular animal produced milk. While some simply love it for its nutty flavor and creaminess, others consume it for practical reasons, such as the fact it is lactose and cholesterol free, and simply not an animal based product. Almond milk is produced by commercial companies and enriched with vitamins and flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, but can also be produced at home in a simple process from raw almonds and water. Almond milk was first used all the way back in the middle ages when it was valued for the long time it could go without spoiling, unlike animal milk.

According to some nutrition specialists, almond milk is actually not a very recommended product to use, as it is not very nutritious and growing almonds is an extremely expensive and environment unfriendly process, as the plant requires absurd amount of water. While these points stand to a certain degree, almond milk is still more enviorment friendly than cow milk or sheep milk and while it is not nearly as nutritious, it is very tasty and we do have to understand that food is not all about nutrition, sometimes it’s simply about what an individual enjoys on a personal level, and there is no arguing with that.

So, Is Almond Milk Vegan?

Almond milk comes from a blend of almonds and water. An average cup of almond milk will contain the nutrition of about 4 almonds and water, which means there are absolutely no animal related nutrients in it. This makes the answer to the question a big yes. Almond milk is absolutely vegan and a big part of its sales, just like soy milk, comes from vegans who don’t drink cow milk.

Vegans believe that humans have no right to exploit animals for animal foods, as they are not necessary to our diet. And while there is much debate about this issues going on, vegans remain firm in their beliefs and do not eat milk, eggs, meat or any other products that come from animal sources.

Is Silk Almond Milk Vegan?

Owned by WhiteWave Foods, Silk is one of the major brands of plant milks, that includes almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk. These products’ main selling points are them being a great substitute for dairy for those people who don’t eat dairy and the general care for environment.

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Like other almond milk brands, Silk is also Vegan, as it is made in the same fashion others are, strictly from almonds and water. While the company did face some controversy in the past about the work force they employed and potential exploitation, their products are and will likely remain vegan, as this is one of their main target audiences.

Vegan Almond Milk Nutrition And Benefits

One of the main issues nutritionist have with almond milk is the fact that… well, it’s not very nutritional at all. An 8 oz cup of almond milk contains about 2.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein, both of which are not significant amounts. The 16 grams of carbohydrates in a cup comes out to about 5% of the RDI. The milk also contains about 10% of daily intake for Vitamin A and 4% for Potassium. The one mineral that actually comes in a significant amount in almond milk is Calcium, with the same 8 oz cup providing about 30% of the RDI for this valuable mineral.

While there is not too much nutrition in almond milk, the fact is there are also not many harmful nutrients either. The milk is not high in calories, with the 8 oz serving coming out to about 90 calories and some brands come with an even lower calorie number. The milk is also good for your heart according to the American Heart Association, who state that the lack of cholesterol in almond milk and the monounsaturated fats found within are both excellent for your heart.

While its benefits are limited, the downsides of almond milk are also not numerous. Basically the only adults who should steer clear of almond milk are those who need to not eat almonds in general, that is the persons with allergies to tree nuts. Nut allergies can cause very serious effects and should be taken seriously. Some studies have also discovered that almond milk consumption by babies can cause severe malnutrition so parents should think twice before giving it to their infants.

Is Chocolate Almond Milk Also Vegan?

This is another common question that will come from vegans, as they are extremely sensitive to any animals being used for the products they consume. Chocolate almond milk is made from regular almond milk with addition of chocolate for flavor. The chocolate used is made from cocoa and is absolutely plant based. This means there is nothing animal based in chocolate almond milk and it is absolutely safe for vegans to consume.

That said, not only is chocolate almond milk vegan, but so are the other flavors such as vanilla from Silk. Chocolate milk of other sorts such as soy milk, hemp milk and similar is also in most cases absolutely vegan friendly.


In conclusion we can state that almond milk, while not being extremely rich in nutrient and not being very healthy or unhealthy per se, it is a tasty beverage that will allow you to have dairy-like products while remaining absolutely free of any animal related ingredients. This makes almond milk excellent choice for vegans and others who choose not to include animal foods in their diet.

While it is called almond milk, it is important to note that it is not relly milk, but rather a blend of water and pure almonds, which makes it significantly less nutritional and less healthy than regular cow milk. Still, it will not hurt you and there are some positive effects to almond milk, such as its effects on heart health and the high concentration of calcium, one of our body’s building blocks.

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