Is Absolut Vodka Gluten Free?

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world, sold in bars and clubs around the world and is also one of the top picks for house parties. In the myriad of different brands, one that ranks quite high in nearly all countries is Absolute vodka. It represents a mix of decent quality and acceptable price, which puts it on the radar for a lot of customers. The popularity of this particular brand also means that people that consume it have a lot of questions about the product. One such question is Absolut vodka gluten free? Although it may not seem like something that would came to your mind first when talking about any kind of vodka, it is certainly a point of concern for people who have gluten related health issues. In this article, we will be taking a look at the question is absolut vodka gluten free.

If one considers the ingredients used in the production of Absolut vodka, the first guess would be: no. Absolut vodka is made from wheat, yeast, enzymes and water, and wheat is one of the first thing that people with gluten related issues, especially celiac disease, are told to avoid.

Is Absolut Vodka Truly Gluten Free?

Fortunately for everyone who used to enjoy vodka and were uncertain if they should continue to do so after is absolut vodka gluten freehealth complications connected to gluten intolerance, absolute vodka is gluten free! This is so because all gluten is removed from the spirit during the production process.

Before it is poured into bottles and shipped out to the world, Absolut vodka is distilled hundreds of time. This thorough distillation process ensures that any traces of gluten are removed from the spirit.

Absolute Vodka And Gluten Related Health Risks

Even though the continued distillation process is a very thorough one, the producers are not able to offer a 100% guarantee that there are absolutely no residues of gluten in any individual bottle. Since people with high intolerance can be endangered by even miniscule amounts, it is only natural that the company is going with “rather safe than sorry” policy.

The risk is not particularly high, as the distillation process should take care for the gluten and even the European Food Safety Agency concluded in 2007 that the grain used in spirits before distillation does not require an allergen warning. All this being said, if you are gluten intolerant you should proceed with caution and make sure that your body does not react adversely to vodka.

Celiac Disease And Absolut Vodka

is absolut vodka gluten freeThe question about gluten content in Absolut vodka is of the greatest importance to people suffering from celiac disease. This is the harshest know health issue related to gluten intolerance. In people suffering from celiac disease, even the smallest amounts of gluten are enough to trigger an autoimmune response which attacks the small intestine. There is no cure for celiac disease and the only recommended approach is a totally gluten-free diet.

As far as Absolut vodka is concerned, although most experts agree that the distillation process is efficient in removing gluten from the spirit, personal experiences from people suffering from the celiac sometimes tell a different story.

There is a number of cases reported online where consuming Absolut vodka triggered an autoimmune reaction. Although scientifically speaking this should not happen, there is a possibility that tiny fragments of gluten protein manage to survive distillation process and even these fragments are enough to trigger a reaction. Another theory is that vodka get “contaminated” with tiny particles of gluten while being processed by the equipment that previously handled gluten-containing ingredients. So is absolut vodka gluten free?

So, even though Absolut vodka is technically gluten free, you can’t be absolutely certain that there will be no reaction if you are suffering from the celiac disease. There are no steadfast rules when it comes to this as not everyone reacts the same, but the more information you have the better.

Are Other Brands Of Vodka Gluten Free?

If you would rather not take your chances with Absolut vodka, there are many other brands out there that you can enjoy safely. In your research, you should always start with the key ingredient from which a particular brand of vodka is made. For example, with vodkas made from potato or grape you can be certain that there is no gluten in them.

One of the most famous brands that you can safely enjoy is Smirnoff vodka. The main ingredient of Smirnoff is corn, which is completely gluten free and represents one of the most important ingredients in a diet of gluten-intolerant people. Other brands made from corn include Tito’s handmade vodka and Krome vodka.

Apart from corn, vodka is often made from potatoes, which are also completely gluten-free. Perhaps the most famous potato vodka in the world is Polish brand Monopolowa, which is now being distilled in Austria. Luksusowa is another potato-based Polish brand of vodka. Other brands in this category include RWB vodka, Glacier, Famous as well as Norwegian Vikingfjord vodka.

Other types of vodka that you can be safe are gluten free include Japanese Kissui (made of rice and natural spring water), Turkish Lokka (distilled from grapes) and Canadian Iceberg vodka (distilled from peaches and cream corn).


We can say that the most accurate answer to the question “is Absolut vodka gluten free?” is for the most part yes. However, we’ve seen that it can sometimes get contaminated during processing and it is a risk factor connected to this particular spirit.

In the event you are not willing to run the risk, or you have tried Absolut vodka but results were not desirable, we’ve presented you with a list of vodka brands which are gluten free from the get go, as their key ingredients do not contain gluten.

As an old adage goes, there is solution to every problem, and your gluten intolerance does not have to prevent you from enjoying vodka. There are clearly plenty of brands that you can freely enjoy and even Absolut vodka will be safe for most people.

Stay informed, be cautious and enjoy your drink like you should! We hope this article has helped answer the question, is absolut vodka gluten free.

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